Aundrea Dumas

CEO & President


It was then that I thought once more of all my Mom and Grandma had poured into me and came up with the name of my umbrella company—Legends Food. The name commemorates the reality that I stand on the shoulders of legends—my personal sheroes—my Mom, both my Grandma's, my Great Grandma as well as my two Aunts. Each of them all had a part in pouring into me, teaching me how to bake, cook as well as decorate cakes. A lot of my recipes are from each of them as well.

Before very long, Kroger founded out about my shake, pour and bake batter in a bottle and invited me to their corporate office in Cincinnati to do a product demonstration. Kroger loved the idea; they loved the simplicity of the product as well as the convenience! We agreed to stay with Cutie Cakes (cupcake batter in a bottle) as the name of the packaged product. Cutie Cakes are sold in the Atlanta region Kroger stores and now via our online eCommerce store.

We look forward to expanding distribution of this unique product in other retail channels and across the country where quality foods are sold. 


Legends Food, LLC, is a food product company based in Atlanta, GA, owned and operated by Aundrea Dumas. Aundrea is a native of Savannah, Georgia where her culinary influences were greatly inspired by her late grandmother and mother. Aundrea is a visionary who has found her place in the kitchen. She is responsible for the world-famous MaBelle’s ShrabCakes® sold under the MaBelle’s Low Country brand. ShrabCakes were introduced in 2005 and sold in over 1000 stores.


Today, Aundrea has focused her culinary skills on the development of a full line of products designed to revolutionize baking. Cutie Cakes is the first offering from this culinary genius. Cutie Cakes is designed for convenience and to meet the needs of on the go families. Visit our site regularly for recipes and additional product offerings!

The Cutie Cakes Story